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Water Damage in Sherman Oaks: Flood Risks, Insurance, and Remediation

You would think that an abundance of rain may be all positive amid the California drought. That’s not always the case, however, particularly when wet weather brings flood and mudslides.

The Reasons behind California Flood Risks

Storms, specifically, can destroy the old levees around San Francisco Bay Delta, bringing too much precipitation that can’t be collected and redirected efficiently by city storm drains, or overwhelm the other natural flood control channels (and Southern California has many of these). Excessive runoff may also occur if the soil can’t readily and quickly absorb a fast downpour.

California consumers reminded of dangers of flood damage

Preparing for Disaster

The California Department of Insurance issued the following warning and advice in an official press release:

Wet winter weather is coming and many people are unaware that most standard homeowner and commercial property policies do not cover flood or mudslide damage. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones encourages residents to review their insurance policies and assess their individual needs. Residents need to determine exactly what their policies cover and determine if flood insurance is a suitable option for them.

“In California, any area can be affected by a flood or mudslide,” said Commissioner Jones. “As we move into the rainy season, I urge homeowners to review their policies to see what is covered, assess their insurance needs and determine if flood insurance is aright for them. Consumers need to be prepared before disaster strikes and reduce the stress that severe weather may bring.”


If the unfortunate time comes and your home incurs water damage in Sherman Oaks or any other Southern California areas, work with local flood restoration experts. You can have the damage assessed, get a free quote, and start restoring your home in as fast as 24 hours. The services would depend on the extent of the flood’s destruction and may include water removal, cleaning, and drying of your home’s surfaces and furnishings.

As the insurance commissioner advised, not all homeowner policies cover these services. If you have the coverage, though, flood remediation professionals – such as Water Damage Pros that specialize in handling water damage in Hermosa Beach and the rest of LA and Orange County – can act as your advocate in dealing with your insurance provider. Whether you will pay costs out-of-pocket initially or your insurance company will be directly billed, an efficient flood restoration company can help in coordinating the remediation project and see it through to the end.

(Source: California consumers reminded of dangers of flood damage, California Department of Insurance, October 20, 2014)


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