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Water Damage in Santa Monica: When Sprinkler Systems Get Activated

Water damage can be an aftermath of fires. Whether firefighters douse a blaze with their equipment or sprinkler systems get triggered to do so, a home or commercial building can become flooded and rendered uninhabitable by water.

A restaurant in Portland, for example, recently experienced this mishap. It took a small fire to create a big mess and disrupt the business operations of the restaurant and two other establishments below it. Jason Silverstein of the Statesman Journal has more on the story:

Thai Orchid closed for rest of week after water damage


Thai Orchid in Liberty Plaza will be closed for at least the rest of this week after a small fire on Sunday night set off the restaurant’s sprinkler system.

The sprinklers caused extensive water damage to Thai Orchid, and some residual water damage to the Tan Republic salon and Starbucks below the restaurant.

The fire was reported at 10:15 p.m. Sunday and was quickly extinguished by the sprinklers, said Salem Fire Battalion Chief Frank Stephenson.

The reported incident took place in Oregon, but it can also happen to several residential and commercial buildings in Los Angeles County and the rest of California, which are required to have fire sprinklers installed. When these sprinkler systems are activated in the event of small fires or even false alarms, you might need to seek remediation for water damage in Santa Monica.

Dispelling the Myths, Facing the Facts

One of the myths about fire sprinklers is that the water damage they cause would be greater than fire damage. Studies have debunked this belief and showed that these automated systems truly contain fires and reduce the damage that flames may bring. These systems, however, can spray around 15-20 gallons per minute, or an average total of 341 gallons, to douse fires. That much can definitely cause severe water damage to a home or establishment’s wooden structures and furnishings.

Restoring Your Home or Business

When your sprinkler systems get activated after fires lick your home or business (or when they get switched on by accident), have the water damage assessed and remediated by professionals. An established company like Water Damage Pros provides quality services to repair and restore your home from water damage in Porter Ranch and other Southern California areas. Whether you just need to have your wall-to-wall carpets dried or you need extensive remediation, call in the pros for a thorough job.

(Source: Thai Orchid closed for rest of week after water damage, Statesman Journal, Date, 2014)

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