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Water Damage in Redondo Beach may be Caused by Ravaging Fire, Too

When a fire occurs, the main concern of those affected is the repair that will be required in the areas inundated by the blaze, should there be any of it left. Aside from that, however, another matter that they would have to deal with is the structural damage brought about not by the fire, but instead, by the water used to quell it.

This was exactly the scenario that confronted the owners and management staff of the iconic, 163-year-old Jeffrey Hotel in Coulterville, California in early November. The report from The Modesto Bee published on November 12, 2014 elaborates:

historic Jeffrey Hotel badly damaged by fire


Firefighters arrived quickly and limited the blaze primarily to that corner. Still, it destroyed five guest rooms and all of the bathrooms. The Teddy Roosevelt suite survived. The Magnolia—billed as California’s oldest operating saloon—incurred some water damage, but not as much as the dining room and the kitchen, the latter being closest to where the fire began.

Unless an arson investigator finds otherwise, Zahn and the others believe some kind of electrical problem started the blaze. She hopes to reopen the bar soon, then get started on rebuilding the damage or destroyed rooms.

What can be gleaned from the excerpt above is that work of reparation and restoration becomes all the more challenging when both the elements of fire and water work in concert. While there is not much that can be done about the structures that have been badly affected by fire, however, the same need not be said for those affected by water damage, fortunately.

Hotels, business venues, and even residential communities would do well to call on immediate help at the first instance of water damage in Redondo Beach or elsewhere in California. The cost of repairing the damage will certainly be no simple matter, especially if it is left to further degrade, and not to mention, increase the risk of developing molds that are harmful to health.

There may be plenty of other circumstances that can result to water damage aside from fire, such as the downpour of heavy rains, or the bursting of pipes, whether indoors or outdoors. Whatever the cause, what’s certain is that water damage in Pacific Palisades and anywhere else in Southern California will be better off addressed by reliable professionals. There are companies out there, such as Water Damage Pros, who make sure to cater to their clients at the soonest possible time, that’s why they operate a full 24/7.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them as soon as the problem occurs. There’s no better time to address the problem of water damage than now.

(Source: Coulterville’s historic Jeffrey Hotel badly damaged by fire, but owner confident it will rise once more, The Modesto Bee).

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