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Untreated Water Damage in Redondo Beach can be Harmful to Your Health

If your home was recently flooded, like those that suffered extensive water damage in Redondo Beach, there could be a potential health hazard brewing. Unless your home’s interior was treated by a professional cleaning firm like Water Damage Pros, there is a possibility of mold forming in untouched areas. Mirel Ketchiff of Shape.com pinpointed the common areas of mold formation, some in the most unexpected places of the house.

Allergy Symptoms- There Might be Hidden Mold in Your Home

The usual suspect

It’s not uncommon for allergy signs to manifest themselves in the springtime and even summer due to pollen. When symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing persist, especially after heavy rains, mold spores are usually to blame. While many homeowners are aware that mold grows in damp and dark areas, researchers recently discovered some unexpected places where mold can thrive.

In the dishwasher

Mold was found on the rubber seals of 62% of 189 dishwashers tested by Shape.com. Among the contaminated machines, 56% of them contained black yeast which is toxic to humans. To prevent this, leave the dishwasher door slightly open after a cycle to ensure that it completely dries, then wipe the seal with a dry cloth before shutting the door.

In herbal meds

Fungal biology researchers analyzed 30 plant samples cultivated for medicinal purposes, and found mold on 90% of these. About 70% of the plants had fungi within tolerable limits for humans while 31% of the molds identified were potentially harmful to people. Since medicinal plants are not regulated by the FDA, there is no way to guarantee their condition except through vigilance on the part of the homeowner.

On toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes with hollow heads could retain 3,000 times the bacteria and mold growth compared to solid-head brushes. Thus, health experts recommend the solid-head option for obvious reasons. To prevent mold from forming, do not use airtight brush covers because these allow the bristles to remain damp longer.

Clean carpets and furniture properly

Consider yourself lucky if your carpets and furniture didn’t sustain any water damage in Culver City. Nonetheless, it is still important to have them cleaned properly because vacuuming furniture is not enough, and neither is steaming carpets yourself. Professional treatment is the only way to protect your carpets and furniture from contaminants to ensure the quality of indoor air.

(Source: Allergy Symptoms? There Might be Hidden Mold in Your Home, Shape.com)

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