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Southern California Deodorizing & Pet Stain Removal

Pet Odor Removal

Keep your carpets looking great, even with pets!

Everyone loves their pets and considers them an important part of their family. However, owning pets is often accompanied by some messes and odor problems. Even trained pets will leave fur and dander embedded in carpets and upholstery, causing odors and irritating family members who suffer from allergies or asthma.

It has been estimated that over 70 million American households have at least one pet. This means over 70 million homes are dealing with pet stains and odors.

The occasional accident by a pet does not mean that your carpet is ruined or even has to be replaced. By the same token, a simple cleaning of the surface of a carpet or upholstery does not mean the problem is erased. Our highly trained professionals can permanently remove any and all pet stains and odors with deep cleaning.

Pet urine will soak through carpet layers very quickly. In order to remove stains, odors, and bacteria, our team of cleaning experts will need to clean each layer of carpet. We do not simply mask the odors and stains, we actually get to the very root of the problem and eliminate it completely. Our advanced carpet cleaning techniques will ensure that both you and your pets will continue to live in a fresh, clean, and healthy environment.

Deep Cleaning, Deodorizing, & Sanitizing

Simple vacuuming is never enough to get rid of odors or deep rooted particles from your carpet. Mold, mildew, dust, bacteria, and even fungi can get stuck deep down in the fibers of your carpet and build up over time.

Only a professional cleaning service can successfully remove these particles from your carpets and rugs. Southern California Carpet Cleaners can provide an efficient deodorizing and sanitation service that will leave your home or office healthy and smelling fresh.

Our experienced team uses special deodorizing cleaning agents that contain enzymes. These enzymes in these cleaners will actually eat away at the bacteria and proteins lodged in your carpets that cause pet odors. One simple treatment from our professional company will be a more effective odor reduction operation than years of vacuuming and applying supermarket cleaners yourself.

Our team knows precisely what cleaning techniques and products are suitable for each type of stain and for every type of carpet. Best of all, we only ever use environmentally friendly chemicals that are completely safe for your family and pets.

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