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We Work with Insurance Carriers in Southern California

Direct Billing to Water Damage & Flood Insurers

Filling out insurance paperwork after suffering water damage to your residential or commercial property is the last thing you want to deal with. However, is IS something that needs to be done, and the ability to communicate effectively and to provide solid information to your insurance company is crucial in receiving any reimbursement due to you.

Your Southern California water damage professionals will ensure every single detail is covered and act as your advocate with the insurance company.

Dealing with Insurance After Flood or Water Damage

Remediation can begin within 24 hours after you approve our estimate for work. All damages as well as all work in progress will be documented. If necessary, we can assist you in filling out the damage assessment forms that will be required by your insurance provider. Our water damage professionals can also provide helpful tips to assist you through the insurance claims process.

You are not required to work with the water damage restoration company recommended to you by your insurance provider—they cannot insist that you use one specific company. You can choose Southern California Water Damage Restoration Company or another licensed firm of your own choosing.

You are also not required to work through your insurance company. Southern California Water Damage Services can directly bill your insurance provider, or you can pay out of your own pocket. Either way, we are happy to work in with you and your choice.

We also highly recommend that you carefully ready your business or homeowner’s insurance policy to determine whether water damage is covered. There are many insurance policies that cover accidents and/or sudden occurrences resulting in damage to your property.

Allow us to coordinate the restoration project from the very beginning, right up to completion. We will prepare a very detailed assessment, complete with an invoice for your insurance provider. This will ensure that the claim is accurate.

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