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Fast Drying Measures Help Minimize Water Damage on Malibu Properties

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) currently faces a prime example of what years of water damage can do to even the most ingeniously designed buildings and houses. According to the Eagle Rock Patch, LACMA plans to replace, rather than repair, its four structures in Wilshire Boulevard in favor of a new 400,000-square-foot building designed by renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. Construction for this new building is expected to begin in 2019 and conclude in 2023:

Supes Vote to Allow LACMA a New Building

“The 1965 buildings are really ailing. They are not worth saving,” LACMA CEO Michael Govan told the board.

The buildings have water damage and failing mechanical systems.

The Zumthor museum is expected to cost about $600 million, with the balance coming from private donations collected over a period of 20 years.

Fortunately for museumgoers, the LACMA will remain open even with all the construction work going on. Still, one wonders whether the museum would still have needed a new building had water damage over the years been prevented or contained. Commercial establishments and residential buildings that face similar circumstances can avoid pricey renovation projects due to water damage in Malibu, Northridge, and other places in Los Angeles County by working with experts like Water Damage Pros. These professionals know that the key to minimizing water damage is to dry damp walls, floors, and carpets as quickly as possible.

Aside from bad weather, the most common causes of indoor water damage are leaks from ruptured water pipes, plumbing fixtures, and the like. As such, the first step toward minimizing water damage is to identify leaks, plug them, then removing all residual water. Next, the affected room or building must have unhindered air circulation to facilitate the drying process, be it through opening all windows or using a dehumidifier. Rooms that contain drywall, wood, and insulating material must be prioritized because these materials are highly susceptible to water damage. In worst-case scenarios, these materials have to be disposed rather than dried or salvaged.

Central heating systems can help speed up the drying process, although this method should be avoided if the system’s ductworks also suffer from water leaks and such. It’s also important for building owners to distinguish between genuine water damage and patches of moisture caused by condensation, which Northridge water damage repair experts can determine through an inspection. That way, costly and unnecessary repairs can be avoided.

With the above steps, residential and commercial properties can avoid a major makeover like what LACMA has to go through. It all starts by taking water damage very seriously.

(Source: Supes Vote to Allow LACMA a New Building, Eagle Rock Patch, November 05, 2014)

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