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Even with Trees, Water Damage in Thousand Oaks Homes Can Still Happen

There aren’t exactly 1,000 oak trees in Thousand Oaks, but the lush foliage does make the city a desirable place to live. For 16 years, the city at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains has maintained its title “Tree City USA”. The title is awarded by the Arbor Day Foundation to municipalities for excellence in community forestry.

Over the years, however, Tree Cities like Thousand Oaks have been put to the test, primarily by those who believe that urban trees are messing with cities’ drainage systems. Portland is one such city, having held the title for 37 years. Back in 2012, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Cassandra Profita reported about tree leaves and vegetation clogging drains and causing floods.

Are Urban Trees Really To Blame For Flooded Streets

There are 58,000 storm drains in Portland, and as rain continues to pour on city streets this week, more and more of them are clogging up with leaves and flooding the surrounding streets. Urban trees can offer many benefits: Wildlife habitat, higher home values, less carbon dioxide in the air and they actually soak up a lot of storm water. But when heavy winter rains hit, there’s also a drawback to having so many trees in the city: Their leaves can become a flood risk.

If that’s the case, is Thousand Oaks on the verge of becoming one huge lake?

Trees in the city can actually reduce the risk of flood in the same way they do in the mountains. They absorb a large amount of rainfall, taking a load off the drainage system’s backs.

Despite having so many trees, though, the local government acknowledges that the city is not impervious to flooding. This is evident in their sandbag program, where residents can get a limited number of sandbags from select fire stations. Furthermore, with the current dry spell hardening the mountain soil, it won’t take rainfall a la 2012 to inundate the city.

It pays to be prepared for such an incident. Sandbags are excellent deterrents, but if floodwater gets too high, rest assured that Thousand Oaks water damage experts like Water Damage Pros can help you recover. They operate round the clock when it comes to cleanup operations following a flooding or faulty plumbing incident. Trained technicians come equipped with the necessary tools and technology to remove excess water, dehumidify affected surfaces, and prevent mold from spreading.

Thousand Oaks may as well keep its trees and improve on its drainage instead. At any rate, you can trust Simi Valley water damage services to come to the rescue.

(Source: “Are Urban Trees Really To Blame For Flooded Streets?” Oregon Public Broadcasting)

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