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Santa Monica Water Damage: Dealing with Various Levels of Mold Growth

Mold usually grows when five factors—food source, darkness, warmth, oxygen, and moisture—are present. As such, the most susceptible areas for mold infestation in a home are the basement, the attic, the bathroom, crawlspaces, and wall interiors, because these regions are where the aforementioned factors often convene. When your home is infested by mold that developed from water damage such as sudden leakage, flood, or overflow from plumbing, that growth needs to be removed right away. (more…)

Mold Removal is Best Done by Sherman Oaks Water Damage Professionals

Microscopic organisms called mold flourish in wet or damp areas. These organisms are a threat to the health of every occupant in your home; that’s why when observed, it’s necessary that they be removed completely. Unfortunately, the areas where mold gather are not always visible. That means that when you see signs of mold in your home, there could be more lurking somewhere else. For this reason, it’s important to call a Santa Clarita and Sherman Oaks water damage professional to have your home inspected. (more…)

Untreated Water Damage in Redondo Beach can be Harmful to Your Health

If your home was recently flooded, like those that suffered extensive water damage in Redondo Beach, there could be a potential health hazard brewing. Unless your home’s interior was treated by a professional cleaning firm like Water Damage Pros, there is a possibility of mold forming in untouched areas. Mirel Ketchiff of Shape.com pinpointed the common areas of mold formation, some in the most unexpected places of the house.


Residents Struggle to Recover from Extensive Water Damage in Arcadia

Last December, the National Weather Service predicted 1-2 inches of rain together with severe wind over majority of Los Angeles County. On Friday, December 12th, residents woke up to torrential rains and strong winds that caused flash floods, mudslides, and power outages across the county that caused water damage in Arcadia, as reported by the Los Angeles Daily News.


Signs of Water Damage in Malibu Homes and How It Scares Off Buyers

Water damage significantly impacts a house’s resale value. After all, who would want to live in a place which smells of mold and appears that it might crumble anytime? Every new homeowner will definitely prioritize quality over savings since a newly purchased house would be where the buyer would live for a long time. If water damage is discovered, it can cause the prospect buyer to back out, or at the very least provide a valid reason for a significant price reduction. Water damage in Malibu homes have fairly obvious signs that you can check for: (more…)

Water Damage in Pasadena Homes: Dire Consequences When Left Unchecked

An oft-forgotten but no less dangerous cause of weakened houses is water damage to the foundations. For instance, last July 2014, two row houses in the state of Philadelphia reportedly collapsed, resulting into a number of homeless tenants. Four other homes sustained related damage. The occupants observed some cracks and bending on the doorway before the houses eventually came down. (more…)

Even with Trees, Water Damage in Thousand Oaks Homes Can Still Happen

There aren’t exactly 1,000 oak trees in Thousand Oaks, but the lush foliage does make the city a desirable place to live. For 16 years, the city at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains has maintained its title “Tree City USA”. The title is awarded by the Arbor Day Foundation to municipalities for excellence in community forestry.

Over the years, however, Tree Cities like Thousand Oaks have been put to the test, primarily by those who believe that urban trees are messing with cities’ drainage systems. Portland is one such city, having held the title for 37 years. Back in 2012, Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Cassandra Profita reported about tree leaves and vegetation clogging drains and causing floods. (more…)

Why Water Damage in Thousand Oaks Should be Cleaned with Green Methods

The drive to be eco-friendly is catching on across industries and practices, including the use of cleaning products and methods. If you haven’t been convinced by the campaigns yet, Care.com contributor Carol Ruth Weber gives you a few reasons why going green when cleaning will be beneficial to your health (and to the environment, too!) (more…)

Health Threats from Commercial Carpets after Water Damage in Calabasas

When your wall-to-wall carpets looks a little worse for wear, you may want to have them cleaned to brighten up your workplace. Whether you operate a small brick-and-mortar store or a tall skyscraper, maintaining the carpeting of your business or office does wonders for the look of the place.

Having your commercial carpet cleaned would be beneficial to the health of everyone in the building, too. On the flip side, of course, the lack of maintenance for the upholstery (or improper execution of it) can put workers and clients or customers at risk for health problems. In an article for Health Facilities Institute, Dr. Michael A. Berry, an expert in indoor environmental quality, describes this further: (more…)

Santa Monica Water Damage Experts Protect your Kids from Skin Diseases

If your living room has recently been inundated, make sure you keep your children away from it until a Santa Monica water damage expert can confirm that it is moisture-free. Studies have revealed that skin illnesses like eczema may be linked to water-damaged living areas. Reuters correspondent Shereen Lehman explains the necessity to address a household’s water damage in the shortest possible time before family members fall victim to related illnesses. (more…)

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