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Calabasas Water Damage Services Prepared for Pineapple Express Arrival

The latest deluge to hit SoCal didn’t just hit the state. The entire West Coast felt its fury, as well.

As torrential rains inundated the streets of Los Angeles and nearby cities and towns, winds swept across the coastal states with the force of a tropical storm. Those close to the mountains (or within the mountains, in Calabasas’s case) struggled with the triple threat of rain, wind, and landslides all over the place.

Recap Storm Fueled By Pineapple Express Brought Hurricane-Force Winds to California

On the bright side, the 10 to 15 inches of rain for two weeks provided much-needed relief for a drought-stricken California. It exceeded the July 2014 estimate of 12 to 15 inches for one month by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Nevertheless, water needs to go in the reservoirs, not in people’s living rooms.

Meteorologists believe the storm is caused by a phenomenon known as the Pineapple Express. An allusion to Hawaii’s heavy association with pineapples, the Pineapple Express is described as an “atmospheric river” where moisture from off the coast of Hawaii reaches the West Coast. At the time of the phenomenon, a storm system was present off the mainland coast.

In this case, the phenomenon is both a blessing and curse: The rain helped fill critically-low reservoirs, but the parched soil eroded under the deluge, sending mudslides to homes and streets. It happened to Mt. Shasta in September 2014; it could also happen to the mountains of SoCal.

At this point, floods and mudslides are inevitable in the region. Getting rid of the water inside the house is one thing, but getting rid of the mud is another. That’s why it pays to know a Calabasas water damage service like Water Damage Pros. Cleaning out the mud will require extensive work, exactly what the service is made for.

With a comprehensive suite of cleaning equipment and skilled technicians at its disposal, a Sierra Madre water damage service provider can help inundated homes get back on their feet faster. You can also have them deal with your insurance claims, given that there will be too many things going on in your mind during a disaster situation.

This definitely won’t be the last visit of the Pineapple Express. Always be ready to get help when the wrath of nature strikes.

(Source: Recap: Storm Fueled By ‘Pineapple Express’ Brought Hurricane-Force Winds to California, Oregon, Washington, The Weather Channel, December 17, 2014)

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