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Calabasas Water Damage Experts Urge Flood Preparedness Amid Drought

When it rains, it floods. In California, even when it doesn’t rain, it could still flood.

As the worst drought in the state’s history enters its fourth year, workers are hard at work reinforcing levees as if they’re expecting rivers to overflow. Just this late October, during Flood Preparedness Week (yes, in the middle of a dry spell), the Department of Water Resources reinforced a levee in Sutter with sandbags.

California Still At Risk Of Floods During Drought

How can California’s water network even overflow if it can’t fill its own basins? Look at Lake Oroville, a mighty lake turned into an almost-barren ravine in a span of three years. The lake had grown so dry that the waterline had receeded miles away from the dam, which not only provides water but also electricity.

Crumblier Cookie

After studying the flood that hammered the Colorado River Basin last year, Sandra Postel, a Freshwater Fellow at National Geographic, explained that the dry, hard soil made it harder to absorb runoff. As a result, a torrential downpour can degrade hilly slopes like a brittle cookie. Forest fires work the same way except they target vegetation.

California is associated with forest fires and dry spells, but these are not the only risk factors people face. Hotter climate can also mean stronger storms.

Yearlong Preparation

These days, it’s not enough that you prepare for flooding during the wet season. For the record, Mother Nature has grown more unpredictable, causing warmer winters and more intense dry spells when you least expect them. SoCal is especially prone to flooding due to its low elevation and proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain system.

Fortunately, Calabasas water damage repair companies like Water Damage Pros always stay on their toes. They respond to calls anytime the weather decides to saturate the neighborhood with months worth of rainfall. They can initiate quick repairs like carpet cleaning, dehumidification, stain removal, and—most importantly—mold mitigation to keep homes dry and healthy.

Utility workers made the right decision to reinforce California’s levees. You never know when a torrent will inundate a parched state with a double whammy. Yet more than overflowing waterways, your home could also be inundated as a result of a faulty plumbing or drainage system. Adopt the correct mindset and be ready for the worst by keeping in touch with Marina del Rey water damage repair services such as Water Damage Pros.

(Source: California Still At Risk Of Floods During Drought, Capital Public Radio, October 22, 2014)

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