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Archive for October, 2014

Why Water Damage in Thousand Oaks Should be Cleaned with Green Methods

The drive to be eco-friendly is catching on across industries and practices, including the use of cleaning products and methods. If you haven’t been convinced by the campaigns yet, Care.com contributor Carol Ruth Weber gives you a few reasons why going green when cleaning will be beneficial to your health (and to the environment, too!) (more…)

Health Threats from Commercial Carpets after Water Damage in Calabasas

When your wall-to-wall carpets looks a little worse for wear, you may want to have them cleaned to brighten up your workplace. Whether you operate a small brick-and-mortar store or a tall skyscraper, maintaining the carpeting of your business or office does wonders for the look of the place.

Having your commercial carpet cleaned would be beneficial to the health of everyone in the building, too. On the flip side, of course, the lack of maintenance for the upholstery (or improper execution of it) can put workers and clients or customers at risk for health problems. In an article for Health Facilities Institute, Dr. Michael A. Berry, an expert in indoor environmental quality, describes this further: (more…)

Santa Monica Water Damage Experts Protect your Kids from Skin Diseases

If your living room has recently been inundated, make sure you keep your children away from it until a Santa Monica water damage expert can confirm that it is moisture-free. Studies have revealed that skin illnesses like eczema may be linked to water-damaged living areas. Reuters correspondent Shereen Lehman explains the necessity to address a household’s water damage in the shortest possible time before family members fall victim to related illnesses. (more…)

Things to do Before the Water Damage in Sherman Oaks Gets Serious

The second most destructive force in the lives of homeowners is water. Water damage in Sherman Oaks residences like yours can lead to severe complications, thus emphasizing the need to act quickly once the flooding subsides. (more…)

If Water Damage in Redondo Beach is Addressed, Mold can be Prevented

In the aftermath of a flood, you’ll need to act quickly to address the water damage in Redondo Beach homes like yours and stop the growth of harmful mold. If the damage isn’t too extensive, these do-it-yourself tips from MoldBlogger will prove quite useful after a flash flood or a busted sprinkler douses your house’s interior. (more…)

Forget Solving it Yourself: Call the Experts for Arcadia Water Damage

When something that shouldn’t be wet gets wet, a typical reaction is to expose it to heat to dry it out. In case of water damage in Arcadia homes, this can lead homeowners to turn up their thermostats in an attempt to remove moisture from damp walls and flooded floors. Unfortunately, the resulting humidity encourages unwanted and potentially toxic house guests: mold and mildew.

In addition, such DIY solutions to water damage can make matters worse instead of making them better, eventually resulting to long-term consequences. A piece from The New York Times emphasizes why homeowners should leave the situation to the experts: (more…)

Time is a Great Enemy When it Comes to Water Damage in Malibu Homes

Malibu’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and locals are lucky to have unlimited access to them. Combined with Southern California’s generally arid weather, this means that water damage may the furthest thing from many people’s minds.

Left unaddressed, however, water damage is an insidious rogue that can creep behind walls, in attics, and under floors wreaking havoc unknown to the owner until the damage has become a severe concern. Worse, time is not a friend when it comes to these situations. Water damage acts fast, and homeowners must respond faster if they want to salvage their valuable assets. An article from the San Antonio Express News emphasizes the urgency and what should be done during such emergencies: (more…)

Bursting Water Mains Can Cause Severe Water Damage to Pasadena Homes

Over the summer, Californians have experienced more than their fair share of burst water mains. As if those weren’t enough of a problem, the fact that California was (and still is) in the middle of a terrible drought only served to exacerbate the situation. Of course, state residents weren’t very happy over the recent developments, as noted in this excerpt from The Pasadena Star-News: (more…)

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