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Archive for July, 2014

Prevent Worsening Effects of Water Damage in Thousand Oaks Homes

Water damage can do quite a number on any household. Ruined furniture, structural damage, and the possibility of mold growth are just some of its ruinous effects. This is why it’s important to understand how to prevent aggravating the effects from the fallout, and to seek repair for water damage in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley homes, immediately.   (more…)

Water Damage in Calabasas Homes: Weather Assault or Equipment Failure

No home in California or elsewhere is safe from water damage—not even during the state’s current water shortage. There’ll always be a water issue in your property at some point, and sometimes, water damage can be extensive, whether the damage was caused by weather assaults or equipment failure. Selective Insurance cites these possible sources of water damage: (more…)

Water Main Breaks: Reversing the Water Damage to Santa Monica Homes

Water main breaks are most common during the summer months. The temperature discrepancy between day and night can cause the ground to expand and contract, which exerts a huge amount of pressure on water mains. As if on cue in a neighborhood in Venice in the city of Los Angeles, a water main broke early July, as reported in The Santa Monica Mirror: (more…)

Control Water Damage in Sherman Oaks before Molds Pose Health Risks

Whether it’s the cozy homes in Sherman Oaks’ residential area or the commercial buildings downtown by Ventura Boulevard, no structure is safe when flood or untended leaks cause water damage to properties. Toxic mold growth is one of the most pernicious repercussions of water damage, so it’s best to call up Sherman Oaks water damage control professionals for cleaning and restoration as soon as pervasive mold presence is suspected. To hold off could put your family’s health in jeopardy, or, if you own the business property yourself, could open you up to potential lawsuits. (more…)

Battles with Water Damage in Redondo Beach: Clearing Flooded Basements

When floodwaters leak into your home in California’s South Bay region, your basement will take the most damage. Without delay, you wisely call up reliable Redondo Beach water damage professionals, such as Water Damage Pros to thwart the breakdown caused by continued mold growth and material saturation. There are some things you can do on your own, however, to control the damage. (more…)

Cleaning up after Water Damage in Arcadia Homes: About Moldy Carpets

Homes in Arcadia, California shelters an estimated 57,000 people, and these residents face a host of health risks when flood or rain water seep into their homes, paving the way for mold cultures to grow. Your carpet fibers might already be hiding some of these fungi right after your interiors got soaking wet.  If water somehow has seeped into your home, don’t delay; call for Arcadia water damage restoration experts right away to deal with the problem efficiently. (more…)

It Might Be Time to Call in Malibu and Northridge Water Damage Experts

How did your home fare when flash floods and mudslides hit Southern California early last March? You’re lucky if your property remained relatively unaffected by the elements, but if water and mud had penetrated into your home, there’s a whole mess to pay for cleaning and drying. Now that months have passed, are you sure your home is completely free from the effects of water infiltration? You could already be dealing with the dreaded ‘M’ word—Mold. (more…)

Camarillo and Pasadena Water Damage: Taking Care of a Mold Problem

Water is the universal and most essential element without which nobody can last for long. However, when it’s leaking, accumulating, or condensing in the wrong places, it ceases to be helpful. To the affected homeowner, water leaks can cause a lot of damage and stress. Left unchecked, that life-giving H2O and the moisture it generates can lead to toxic mold growth harmful to one’s health.


Heavy Rain Can Cause Water Damage in Santa Monica Due to Sewage Backup

Summers in California are usually very warm and very dry. As such, it’s quite surprising when heavy rain visits California in the middle of summer— especially rains that are strong enough to cause flooding. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened recently. An article from CBS Los Angeles provides more details: (more…)

Sherman Oaks Water Damage Repair Services Solve Sewage Backup Damage

The last thing anyone wants to see coming out of their plumbing fixtures are the things that these fixtures are supposed to be carrying away in the first place. This is exactly what happened in Detroit not too long ago. An article from Fox News Detroit recounts the story: (more…)

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