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Archive for April, 2014

Mold: Deadly Result of Too Much Water Damage in Thousand Oaks Homes

After years of shoddy maintenance work, it appears that the Hacienda housing complex in Richmond is going to close down for good. Correspondent Amy Julia Harris reports in SFGate, however, that moving the current tenants to better housing facilities would cost more than $600,000–money that the city government says it doesn’t have. Still, Hacienda residents are adamant about leaving, as living with molds and cockroaches every day is becoming too much for them to bear.

Shifting Weather Makes Calabasas Water Damage Restoration Essential

It’s been said that California has a climate system that’s somewhat different from the rest of the country, and the storms that hit the state in early April 2014 are proof of that. According to KTLA 5, various places in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties experienced rain, snow, and/or hail for much of the week. While this type of weather may be nothing to raise an eyebrow on as far as many people are concerned, the rain and snow that fell in some areas in Southern California also brought other problems:

Keeping Water Damage in Santa Monica at Bay: What to Do After a Flood

Water is something that you surely don’t want inside your home, flowing through your drywall, getting your furniture drenched and moldy, and seeping into various building materials, slowly chipping away their durability. However, accidents can happen, so every once in a while you might find your home flooded due to a burst pipe or other natural causes. The best that you can do in cases like this is to immediately begin the restoration process, either by hiring dependable Santa Monica water damage restoration professionals, or by taking some steps yourself.

After Sherman Oaks Water Damage Restoration: Preventing Carpet Mold

Floods and other forms of water damage, be it through a constant, unchecked stream (leaking pipes) or from one fell swoop (flooding), could take a huge toll not only on the structural integrity of your home, but also on its level of sanitation and safety for all members of your family. For this reason, many people hire Sherman Oaks water damage restoration professionals from companies like Southern California Water Damage Pros. Places where health hazards could grow include your furnishings, upholstery, and your carpet.

Call Redondo Beach Water Damage Services to Fix Flood-ravaged Homes

Flooding can heavily affect a community, as a KTLA 5 story published on February 28, 2014 discussed, in the aftermath of a storm:

Solve Coastal City Flooding Problems with Arcadia Water Damage Experts

Global warming is a real phenomenon that is happening around the world. The increase of precipitation levels alongside the continuous rising sea levels show that global warming will continue to make an impact on a lot of communities. It will also increase the risk of flooding and water damage, which makes battling global warming essential.

Crazy Water Damage in Malibu – a Dirty Job, but Someone Has to Do It

Issues with a multi-unit living facility’s plumbing can escalate into highly disgusting situations that must be dealt with adequately. Aubrey Hoeppner reports for the Pepperdine University’s student publication, the Graphic:

Down Under: Fixing Flooded Rooms with Pasadena Water Damage Experts

Natural disasters have a way of making a mess out of supposedly secure rooms like basements and storage areas, warranting immediate repairs. Richard Irwin of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports:

Thousand Oaks Water Damage Can Lead to Costly Litigation, Expert Says

Water damage in Thousand Oaks buildings have serious implications in the long run. For law expert Robert Brand, it’s not just the growth of mold.

This happens often in businesses like real estate management where occupants of a moldy unit can mean lawsuits slapped in the face. The current record holder for largest settlement to one person involving toxic mold is at $22.6 million, awarded to Kelly Gorman of Manhattan Beach in 2005. Gorman sued a lumber company for supplying wood ridden with toxic mold. (more…)

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