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Archive for March, 2014

Calabasas Water Damage Experts Urge Readiness After a Forest Fire

It seems like SoCal just can’t catch a break. A triple whammy of forest fires, drought, and heavy rainfall pounded major cities along the coast on the first day of March. The Los Angeles suburbs were among the worst hit by the storm, which also included waves crashing on the flat coastline.

What scared most people, however, was how the rain aggravated the damage left by the fires. According to a report by CNN and affiliates: (more…)

Recent Earthquake Could Be the Cause of Water Damage in Santa Monica

The idea of water damage in Southern California homes is usually associated with floods and storms. However, water damage can also spring from other less-obvious sources. Broken pipes and faulty appliances can also be responsible for the torrents that typically inundate a home and cause damage to its interior. (more…)

Dealing Properly with Water Damage in Sherman Oaks and Hermosa Beach

As one of the most serious home disasters, water damage often is associated with dramatic occurrences like floods, storms, and other natural calamities. The problem with that association is that people often forget that water damage can come from more mundane sources. This can also be a problem because given the current weather in southern California, one does not expect to have their home damaged by water. (more…)

Dealing with Sheer Water Damage through Redondo Beach Contractors

Water towers are among the vital structures that certain communities in America rely on for fresh water stocks. However, what would happen if one of them became a danger to their community? A story by ABC news affiliate WLS TV in Chicago reports:

The water tower that sprang a leak prompting the evacuation of two buildings has been removed.

Crews cut power to the block as a precaution as the removal operation got under way. According to city records, that water tower should have come down a long time ago. (more…)

Picking up the Pieces After a Deluge: Fixing Water Damage in Arcadia

Seeing your home struck by floods will be a ghastly experience after the fact. As reported by KFMB8’s Matt Johnson down in San Diego:

“The late afternoon storm band that moved across the county Saturday was too much for a clogged drain, which created a runoff that flowed into three homes. (more…)

Professionals Can Handle Water Damage in Malibu, Regardless of Cause

The state of California has been experiencing little-to-no rainfall for quite some time, so the rains that fell on the Southern state provided some much-needed water. A March 1, 2014 story on NBC Los Angeles, however, presents a threat that comes with excessive rain:

In Lytle Creek (map), about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles, flooding and rockslides developed early Friday as the region received its first significant rainfall in months. Teams of specially trained rescuers were deployed in the area, where past storms have led to floods and fire-rescue responses. (more…)

The Arrival of Rain: Dealing with Troublesome Water Damage in Pasadena

After an extended period of time when the state was constantly subjected to continuous warmth and heat, Californians finally get to welcome the rain. However, too much of something can be bad, and this saying is well represented in a March 2, 2014 story on the San Jose Mercury News: (more…)

Gone Moldy: Dealing with Mold Caused by Water Damage in Thousand Oaks

Molds are nomadic fungi that thrive in just about anywhere. At home, they may be found settling in the dampest or moistest corners of your walls, tiles, carpets, furniture and even roofing. Mold growth can be worsened by floods, where external rainwater or sewage-contaminated water can turn your house into a more attractive fungi habitat. So how are molds bad to humans, and how can it be dealt with? (more…)

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