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Archive for February, 2014

Deep Trouble: Preparing for and Restoring Water Damage in Santa Monica

An article appearing on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune website dated February 12, 2014 details a discussion hosted by local officials regarding the possible climate changes that Californians should prepare for. Lately, the weather has been horribly unpredictable, so every bit of climate information will help folks survive the elements. The article offers some startling insights, particularly in the case of flooding: (more…)

Guide to Rug and Carpet Cleaning after Water Damage in Calabasas Area

Floods in Southern California are never good news. When it reaches the house or the building, whether it is rainwater or, worse, sewage-contaminated water, there is a high chance of it ruining the rugs and the carpets. Water isn’t the only enemy; nasty organisms may form, making the damage not only difficult to fix, but also hazardous to health. In this case, it’s important to know how to deal with these floor coverings depending on the kind of damage it incurred. (more…)

Water Damage in Sherman Oak Homes: A Huge Post-Vacation Nightmare

With the long hours you spend at the office, vacations may be the only quality time you get with your family. As this article from FOX4KC.com reports, however, your dream vacation may be punctuated with a nightmare if you forget to turn off the water main:

Imagine going on vacation to sunny Florida, only to receive a nightmarish phone call that back in Missouri your house is flooded with thousands of gallons of water… (more…)

Call the Experts When Redondo Beach Water Damage Emergencies Arise

Southern California may be in the midst of one of the worst droughts in recent history to affect the region, but homeowners should not discount the fact that sudden emergencies may still arise that could cause significant water damage to their property. The floods that hit North Bay, just a few miles upstate, are a perfect example for why homeowners should always keep the phone numbers of Southern California water damage professionals on hand. (more…)

When Worst Scenarios Happen: Attending to Water Damage in Pasadena

Emergencies do happen when you least expect it, and preparedness is the key to minimizing, if not avoiding, the most unfortunate of repercussions. Sometimes, though, being prepared may not be enough. The water main that recently broke in Berkeley, California almost had floods entering houses in nearby streets, had it not been attended to just in the nick of time. (more…)

Water Damage in Arcadia Can Still Occur Despite a Lack of Rainfall

An L.A. Times story published February 7, 2014 reports on the minimal effects of recent rain on the city’s drought. Ari Bloomekatz writes:

“Light showers continued to drizzle over L.A. County early Friday, but “basically it’s just residual moisture,” said meteorologist Curt Kaplan with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. (more…)

A Need for Water Restoration: Classes of Water Damage in Malibu Homes

Floods and rainstorms can take quite a massive toll on homes and commercial establishments, leading to water damage with serious repercussions. This is where having efficient Malibu water damage restoration contractors like Southern California Water Damage Pros can come in handy. To determine just how bad the effect might be, these companies use classifications of water intrusion, as defined in the S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration. (more…)

Protecting Your Home Effectively against Water Damage in Thousand Oaks

When the basement in your Southern California home is flooded, the water is the least of your concerns. If you do not address this immediately, the water could penetrate key areas of your home and cause significant structural damage. An article posted on IdealHomeGarden.com discusses how a flooded basement could affect your home: (more…)

Address Calabasas Water Damage Effectively with Professional Services

If you have recently experienced flooding in your California home, the first thing that you need to do is find out how you can completely dry your floors, walls, and furniture. Start with taking out the excess standing water to speed up the drying process. An article posted on WebMD.com discusses the health hazards that your home could have if the flood does not dry out completely and produces mold in 24 to 36 hours: (more…)

Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning After Water Damage in Santa Monica

The carpet is one of the hardest-hit home items when a flood or typhoon occurs. It receives all the dirt that household members’ shoes bring in from outside. Even on wintry days, carpets can receive crusted snow or soft soil from wet soles, which are left to melt on the fabric or smear it. (more…)

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