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Archive for January, 2014

Don’t Delay on Clearing out Flood and Water Damage in Sherman Oaks, CA

Floods can happen anywhere and anytime. Those who say otherwise need only to turn to the people from across the pond, who recently experienced precisely this. Sky News did a story about the widespread, terrible flooding that struck the UK on a stormy Christmas Eve, disrupting the festivities and ruining the holiday spirit for people in England, Wales, and Ireland. The resulting power outage was described in detail:

Fungal Panic: Combatting Molds Caused by Water Damage in Redondo Beach

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) discusses on its website how individuals should reenter and restore their flooded homes. The water isn’t the only problem homeowners have to deal with following a flood; molds can start growing on surfaces with excess moisture. The article warns folks of the dangers of molds, and that the fungi need to be cleaned immediately:

Eliminate Molds: Importance of Thousand Oaks Water Damage Restoration

The aftermath of flood is sometimes even more devastating than the rushing water itself. While it is a silver lining that the flood has finally receded, the damage it leaves behind can be so severe, showing that the worst isn’t over yet. An article for HuffingtonPost.com discusses the potential health risks of water damage, particularly when mold and other microorganisms start to grow. The author stresses on the potential for respiratory diseases if cleanup isn’t done right away.

Carpet Bombed: Restoring Hazardous Water Damage in Arcadia on Carpets

The wishtv.com website has a December 26, 2013 article that follows the recent flooding that occurred in Shelbyville. Floods are a lot more dangerous than they look, and they can damage property and endanger the health of individuals exposed to the befouled liquid. Echoing the same sentiments, the article warns that folks should be careful around floodwater, especially due to the dangers it poses:

The Aftermath of Flood: Fixing Calabasas Water Damage in Your Home

Flooding can happen even in places with low rainfall like Calabasas and Sierra Madre in California. Usually, it comes as an aftermath of a hurricane or a thunderstorm, not sparing any home situated in low-lying areas. What makes flooding even more destructive is the water damage problems it spawns, particularly mold growth.

Importance of Saving Carpeting after Water Damage in Malibu Homes

Malibu homes are known for their beach-friendly exteriors, and posh and stylish, carpet-donning interiors. It’s as high maintenance as it can get, especially because the natural elements can prove to be a challenge in keeping up with regular home care.

Let the Pros Deal with Moldy Aftermath of Water Damage in Santa Monica

A lot of places in the United States suffered from bad weather during the 2013 holiday season, especially Shelby County, Indiana, which experienced heavy flooding in its low-lying areas. Bob Lewis of the Shelby County Health Department cautioned citizens to watch out for potential problems caused by flood damage in their homes. An article from Examiner.com listed down some of these issues, which were also raised by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

A Guide to Immediate and Proper Response to Water Damage in Pasadena

Flooding at home isn’t always caused by heavy precipitation or overflowing river banks. Angelique Lizarde of CBS8.com reports that a broken water pipe flooded at least six homes in an upscale neighborhood in Rancho Santa Fe, California last October.

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