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Archive for November, 2013

Strategies to Secure Good Insurance for Water Damage in Thousand Oaks

strategies-to-secure-good-insurance-for-water-damage-in-thousand-oaksRecovering after a major emergency that resulted in water damage is tedious but necessary to prevent health issues down the road. A piece by Eric Strauss for the home improvement magazine The Nest reads:

It doesn’t take a flood or hurricane to cause water damage to a home. Anything from broken appliances to leaking plumbing to improper land grading can lead to water flooding a single room or and entire level of your house, damaging property and vital structural components. While water itself can be damaging, saturating drywall and carpeting, it can also lead to the growth of mold. Many homeowners insurance policies cover water damage at least to some degree. When you file a claim, your insurance company may send an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage and whether it is covered by your policy. (more…)

The Importance of Preventing Burst Pipe Water Damage in Calabasas

the-importance-of-preventing-burst-pipe-water-damage-in-calabasasA burst pipe is nothing to laugh at, especially when it happens in your house or building. An article on the Marquette Tribune up in Michigan’s Marquette University explains:

A pipe burst in the southwest corner of the fourth floor in the Jesuit Residence on Wisconsin Avenue Sunday at approximately 11:30 p.m., flooding the fourth floor and rooms in all the levels beneath it with about 2 inches of water.
Three Jesuits were displaced from their apartments, with three offices and a large TV room in the basement also flooded as a result of the incident.

The Rev. Gerald Goetz, minister and facilities manager at the Jesuit Residence, said the burst pipe is fixed, but repairs to the building may take several weeks or months to complete. (more…)

Fixing Basement Water Damage with Help from Santa Monica Contractors

fixing-basement-water-damage-with-help-from-santa-monica-contractorsIt is never good to wake up after a long night of heavy rain and find that your basement has flooded. A Yahoo! Voices article by Bjorn Hanson illustrates such a problem:

Flood damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars to clean up and fix. With a little know how you can clean up after a flood yourself and save some money. Cleaning up a flood damaged basement is more difficult than other water damage, therefore, you want to be sure you know what you are doing.

The dangers of a flooded basement will resonate with Santa Monica residents. The city was not spared the terror of the 1938 floods and an adjacent neighborhood, Santa Monica Canyon, sustained much damage as well. When your basement has been badly inundated, you must call Santa Monica water damage restoration specialists like the team at Southern California Water Damage Pros to turn things around. (more…)

Letting the Contractors Loose on Attic Water Damage in Sherman Oaks

letting-the-contractors-loose-on-attic-water-damage-in-sherman-oaksThe attic is always one of the best places in the house to accord yourself some privacy. However, it can be one of the last places you’d want to be in when the rains hit, as an article in the Water Damage Guide blog states:

Is your attic getting damaged by water? In order to prevent water damage in the attic, you should check a few areas for any warning signs.
The best way to prevent water damage in the attic is to be watchful and inspect these areas on a routine basis before the damage gets out of hand. It’s not just the shingles on the roof that is missing or need to be repaired that can be the source of the water leak, and being aware of the other areas where the water is getting in is essential for preventing skyrocketing costs for repairs.

Sherman Oaks, CA experiences sporadic bouts of bad weather which can test roofing systems hard during the winter months; recent changes in weather conditions, however, may worsen that trend. As the roof is often the first line of defense against rains, the attic’s proximity to that shield will be a problem if it gradually gives way– especially if heavy downpours strike. To prevent that threat from getting bigger, you should entrust the prevention of water damage in Sherman Oaks homes to noted contractors such as Southern California Water Damage Pros. (more…)

Redondo Beach Water Damage May Involve Salt, Restoration Experts Say

redondo-beach-water-damage-may-involve-salt-restoration-experts-sayContrary to popular belief, the Atlantic is roughly 3 grams saltier (at 37 grams of salt per kg of seawater) than the Pacific (which has 34.8 grams of salt per kg of seawater). However, it doesn’t take the measurement of salt concentration to imply the level of damage seawater can inflict with one well-placed surge. The damage may either take effect immediately or manifest only after a certain period has elapsed.

Near Barnegat Bay in New Jersey, the “time bombs” left by Hurricane Sandy last year had finally gone off. Homes were rebuilt in the aftermath of Sandy; but months later, they suddenly caught fire. As reported on NBC Connecticut:

At first glance, their number, fewer than two dozen, doesn’t seem significant. But these blazes worry Mercready, the township’s fire official, because most of them occurred months after the storm passed, triggered in some cases by the unexpected aftereffects of the salt water that deluged this sprawling suburb on the Barnegat Bay on Oct. 29, 2012. (more…)

Stucco or No Stucco, Arcadia Water Damage Experts Say Mind the Cracks

stucco-or-no-stucco-arcadia-water-damage-experts-say-mind-the-cracksA word of advice for homes with stucco exteriora: cracks are trouble. Second word of advice: stick with siding, if you can. These were the harrowing exterior nightmares residents in Philadelphia experienced after an exterior check revealed damage to their homes on the inside. Water had gone deep into the stucco for years without the homeowners noticing the problem.

The exterior problems spread like wildfire across the entire suburb. One resident, in particular, said her home’s rotting exterior scared away potential buyers. Today, she and her husband face a repair bill that could reach up to $120,000.

“They did a stucco inspection and it’s been downhill ever since,” says Barbara Fetterolf. That inspection revealed that over the years water had worked it’s way behind the stucco exterior. Their picture perfect house now needs extensive repairs. In fact Barbara Fetterolf says, “We’re basically stuck with a $70,000 to $120,000 bill.”

Even worse, home insurance normally doesn’t cover construction defects, according to Jim Donovan of CBS Philadelphia. As a result, homeowners are left to fix the costly problem out of their pockets. (more…)

Malibu Water Damage: Beyond the Usual Wet Furniture & Rotting Drywall

malibu-water-damage-beyond-the-usual-wet-furniture-rotting-drywallWet furniture, rotting drywall, and muddy floors are just some of the most common forms of water damage in Malibu and other cities in Los Angeles County. Fortunately, companies that specialize in water damage restoration for residential and commercial properties, like Southern California Water Damage Pros, can effectively restore properties that have suffered water damage. Water damage can also cause havoc when it takes place on roads and other infrastructure.

Less than an hour away from Malibu, local news reported last August that a sinkhole 8 feet by 8 feet was blocking access to vital roads running across Simi Valley. The sinkhole formation was caused by a water main break. The following excerpt from KTLA 5 provides more information:

[The incident] involved an aging 16-inch pipe that was due for replacement, officials said.

The break and subsequent flooding created a sinkhole that was about 8 feet by 8 feet, crews at the scene said. (more…)

Pasadena Water Damage Specialists: Restoring Flood-Damaged Property

pasadena-water-damage-specialists-restoring-flood-damaged-propertyWhile California may be sunny for most of the year, rain isn’t the only way water damage can get into your living room. There’s an even worse threat, and it’s looming off the coast. In a hypothetical scenario based on reliable data, the U.S. Geological Survey reported that waves induced by a magnitude-9.1 earthquake off the coast of Alaska could hit California, severely impacting coastal communities.

Among the places that would be most severely impacted by the tsunami would be parts of Southern California, like Long Beach and Orange County. The Los Angeles Times reports that, “a large tsunami hitting California would cause major flooding in Long Beach and parts of Orange County and force 750,000 people to evacuate coastal areas in just a few hours, according to an extensive simulation published Wednesday by the U.S. Geological Survey.” (more…)

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