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Archive for October, 2013

Expertise Matters when Dealing with Water Damage in Thousand Oaks

expertise-matters-when-dealing-with-water-damage-in-thousand-oaksBurst water heaters and pipes can spell a big headache as the sudden gush of water can weaken and destroy equipment as well as structural components. As reported in the Thousand Oaks Acorn, a busted water heater caused severe damage to Thousand Oaks Community Center gymnasium’s decades-old flooring, and sent the staff scurrying to carry out emergency measures to no avail.

Regular patrons of the Thousand Oaks Community Center gymnasium will have to play elsewhere until the end of November while a contractor replaces the facility’s 41-year-old floor.

Just before 10 a.m. on Sept. 8, the water heater inside the community center’s utility closet burst, sending about 700 gallons of water rushing onto the southern half of the gym’s wooden floor. (more…)

All Dried Up: Valuing Your Neighborhood Calabasas Water Damage Experts

all-dried-up-valuing-your-neighborhood-calabasas-water-damage-expertsFloods can happen due to sudden downpours or busted water mains. Such events could paralyze local businesses and subject the affected residents to unnecessary inconveniences. A KTLA.com news report looks at the damage caused by a busted pipeline that badly affected a building in Hollywood Hills, particularly its underground parking area.

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, Calif. (KTLA) — Crews were working on Thursday to repair a broken water main that created a watery mess in the Hollywood Hills.
It happened around 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the 2200 block of Cahuenga Boulevard, just north of the 101 Freeway.
Firefighters were finally able to pinpoint the break and shut off the water, but not before thousands of gallons had escaped.
The water flooded the underground parking garage of a three-story building and damaged at least one apartment.
Residents had to wade through knee-deep water just to get to their cars… (more…)

Prevent or Limit Water Damage in Arcadia with Prompt Countermeasures

prevent-or-limit-water-damage-in-arcadia-with-prompt-countermeasuresWater can be a destructive element whenever it finds its way into walls, floors, ceilings. Keep in mind, however, that roofs are not the only means of ingress for water. The Weather Channel also lists windows, doors, foundation and exterior walls, plumbing, and termite-damaged surfaces as possible entry points for water damage. (more…)

Water Damage in Malibu: Situations that Call for Professional Services

water-damage-in-malibu-situations-that-call-for-professional-servicesHeavy rains, clogged drains, broken pipes, and even hidden underground streams can lead to varying degrees of water damage in residential and commercial properties. Water can seep through walls and building interiors, and thereby cause such problems as wood rot, basement flooding, and structural weakness. These incidents typically call for immediate action because of the problems involved with water damage in Malibu and other surrounding areas, as an article on Water Damage Information explains: (more…)

Santa Monica Water Damage Restoration Services: Necessary Expenses

santa-monica-water-damage-restoration-services-necessary-expensesMake no mistake: the cost of water restoration becomes even more expensive the longer it is delayed. A few puddles of water or a few traces of moisture may prove anything but insignificant in the long run. As the Santa Monica Lookout reports, the City Council is set to allocate $325,000 for water damage repairs alone from its approved budget of about $965,000.

The Santa Monica City Council approved almost $1 million in expenses as part of several routine items considered at the top of its meeting Tuesday…

“The City requires contractual services for tearing down existing old or damaged roof systems, disposing of materials, installing new roof systems including associated materials, repairing water leaks, and replacing broken gutters and downspouts at various City facilities…”

Whether due to floods, storm surges, faulty plumbing, or water intrusion, water damage repair is no small feat. This task has to be carried out properly; otherwise, property owners can expect even costlier repairs in the future. Rather than carry out DIY repairs to save a few bucks, residential and commercial property owners would do well to hire professionals like Southern California Water Damage Pros to deal with water damage in Santa Monica as well as other areas like Burbank and Santa Clarita. (more…)

Never Underestimate Possible Sources of Water Damage in Sherman Oaks

never-underestimate-possible-sources-of-water-damage-in-sherman-oaksThunderstorms and floods are the ire of everyone, from ordinary homeowners to state government officials. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) knows this all too well. According to a news report on KTLA Channel 5, the first rain storm of the season disrupted the flow of traffic in the Southern California section of the 797-mile Interstate-5 or “5 Freeway” for hours:

Mud appeared to have flowed onto the northbound lanes from a service road above, aerial video showed. The debris, rocks and mud in the roadway were reported at 1:55 p.m., a CHP spokesman said.
“Once officers arrived on scene, they encountered large standing water covering all lanes,” CHP Officer Juan Galvan said. ”It’s quite a mess.”
He said a water-main break could have caused the flooding and mudflow.
Southbound lanes were blocked by huge puddle of water, while mud covered lanes on the other side of the freeway divider, aerial video showed. (more…)

Moisture Detection: The First Step to Fixing Water Damage in Pasadena

moisture-detection-the-first-step-to-fixing-water-damage-in-pasadenaHeavy rains and gusts of wind on January 3, 2006 put a damper on the “Tournament of Roses” held in Pasadena, CA at the start of each year, causing the otherwise spectacular floats to sustain visible water damage. Meanwhile, local homeowners may occasionally need to call on Pasadena water damage experts due to various reasons. In fact, Cynthia Freeney of Yahoo! Voices writes that water intrusion in a home is possible due to several factors, apart from heavy rains.

Water has many ways of getting into buildings. It might seep in from the outside through cracks and gaps caused by normal wear and tear, or left by mistake during a construction or remodeling project. It can drip slowly from a leaky pipe, or pour out over a blocked sink drain or a clogged toilet. On warmer days, water can even be brought in by outside air, in the form of vapor that condenses to form droplets on cool surfaces in the house. Water that’s absorbed by wood, drywall, fiberglass insulation, fabrics, paper and other organic materials will almost always cause mold growth that can lead to dry rot and decay. (more…)

Dealing with Water Damage in Redondo Beach: What You Ought to Know

dealing-with-water-damage-in-redondo-beach-what-you-ought-to-knowAn NRDC Switchboard blog post dated October 16, 2013 discusses the damage previous super storms like Sandy have inflicted upon unsuspecting homeowners, and what people can learn from these disasters. The article stresses that homeowners need to be sufficiently prepared if they hope to survive future storm conditions. The article also offers keen insights on how destructive floods occur, even without the presence of a storm:

It’s also important to remember that — especially in developed areas where pavement and other hard surfaces keep rainwater from seeping into the ground — it doesn’t take a hurricane or a tropical storm to cause flooding.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimates that up to 25 percent of economic losses from flooding are the result of poor urban drainage, not from being located in a floodplain:  “Shallow, localized flooding…all too often escapes the attention received by larger floods….Over the years the cumulative damage and recurring disruption from localized flooding can be more than that caused by flooding on major rivers and streams.” (more…)

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