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Archive for August, 2013

Water Damage in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley to be Mitigated with New FEMA Flood Maps

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced through a press release last June 6, 2013 that it is coordinating with the Ventura County Watershed Protection District to update existing flood hazard information. The two agencies came up with detailed maps that should help point out flood-prone areas in the region. FEMA has since distributed the maps to community officials, business owners, and the local populace in an effort to raise flood safety awareness.

Water may be the source of all life, but it can be a destructive force as well. Ventura County has seen its fair share of floods, with each instance incurring serious property damage. Residents are, thus, advised to take every necessary precaution during bouts of heavy rain. As soon as a flood has sufficiently subsided, it would be wise to call in professional cleaning services to address water damage in Thousand Oaks and other parts of the Greater Los Angeles Area. (more…)

Thunderstorms and Water Damage in Calabasas Are No Match for Professional Restoration Services

A breaking news update on the DailyNews Los Angeles website posted last July 22 followed the development of a thunderstorm over the northern part of Los Angeles. At the time, approximately more than an inch of rain had fallen within an hour of the storm’s arrival. The severe weather disturbance was attributed to monsoonal moisture coming in from the Gulf of California and Arizona.

Los Angeles County is no stranger to thunderstorms despite its predominantly moderate climate. In some cases, however, heavy downpours cause flash floods that lay waste to homes and commercial properties in affected communities. Local residents and business owners, therefore, need to carry out the necessary home repairs and reinforcements before it is too late. At the same time, it may be useful to look for reputable companies like Southern California Water Damage Pros that are quite experienced in dealing with water damage in Calabasas as well as other areas like Marina del Rey. (more…)

The Various Dangers Posed by Water Damage in Santa Monica

the-various-dangers-posed-by-water-damage-in-santa-monicaWhile water is considered the life’s blood of all living organisms, water can also carry various health risks. Floodwater that enters and stagnates in your home or business premises, for instance, can be a source of deadly pathogens. Meanwhile, burst pipes and roof leaks can cause severe moisture buildup and allow mold to proliferate, thereby exposing your family to various respiratory ailments from fungus spores. Regardless of whether you live in a beachfront city like Santa Monica or in an affluent San Fernando Valley neighborhood like Porter Ranch, the issue of water damage should never be taken lightly. (more…)

How to Deal with Flood or Water Damage in Sherman Oaks and Hermosa Beach

how-to-deal-with-flood-or-water-damage-in-sherman-oaks-and-hermosa-beachWhen you find your home or office premises submerged in water due to flooding or plumbing issues, your first reaction will probably be one of frustration and dismay. Water may be a source of life, but it can also destroy property and endanger lives. Meanwhile, a coastal community such as Hermosa Beach may experience the damaging effects of water a bit differently than affluent neighborhoods located further inland like Sherman Oaks. (more…)

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